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Cheryl Pothier

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Osteopathic Manual Practitioner  

Cheryl adapts every treatment as every individual is unique and uses a variety of techniques to help with the body`s natural healing processes. 

She realized her passion for osteopathy after receiving treatments for migraines and TMJ dysfunctions by an osteopath with a background in kinesiology. Once she completed her bachelor in kinesiology, she continued her studies in osteopathy and integrated both domains to provide optimal treatment plans. 

Cheryl specializes in musculoskeletal disorders and dysfunctions and with her background in kinesiology, she is able to provide rehabilitation programs.  Some areas that Cheryl commonly treats are: 


  • stiff joints

  • recurrent pain 

  • dull aches 

  • post surgery 

  • tendinitis

  • carpal tunnel syndrome 

  • osteoarthritis 

She has experience working with individuals of all ages as a personal trainer which aids her in tailoring each treatment plan and program for each client.

Cheryl continues to expand her knowledge through taking continuing education courses to better serve her clients. 



Specialist: Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions Specialist 

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology with Nutrition at Acadia University 

  • Diploma in Manual osteopathy (DOMP) at National Academy of Osteopathy

  • Associations

  • Société des Ostéopathes du Québec (5040817)

  • National Manual Osteopathic Society (20170821) 

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