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Treating Nerve Irritation

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Chapman's reflexes, also known as Chapman's points or Chapman's neurolymphatic reflexes, are a diagnostic and treatment tool used primarily by osteopaths and some other manual therapists. These reflex points were developed by Dr. Frank Chapman, a physician in the early 20th century, and are thought to correspond to specific organs and tissues in the body. Chapman's reflexes are based on the concept that there is a connection between the nervous system and the lymphatic system. According to this theory, dysfunction or pathology in an organ or tissue can lead to a buildup of lymphatic congestion in specific reflex points on the skin. These congested areas can be palpated by a trained practitioner and are believed to be tender or nodular when there is an issue in the corresponding organ or tissue. Here's how osteopaths and other therapists may use Chapman's reflexes:

Palpation: The therapist uses their hands to palpate specific points on the patient's skin, typically along the spine, on the front of the torso, and occasionally in other locations. They are looking for tenderness, nodules, or other abnormalities.

Assessment: When a tender or abnormal point is found, the practitioner interprets it as a sign of potential dysfunction or pathology in the corresponding organ or tissue. It's important to note that Chapman's reflexes are considered by many in the medical field to be unproven and controversial, and there is limited scientific evidence supporting their efficacy.

Treatment: If Chapman's reflexes are detected, the therapist may use various manual techniques, such as gentle pressure, massage, or manipulation, to stimulate these reflex points. The goal is to improve lymphatic drainage and promote healing and balance in the associated organ or tissue.

Ann Shivas brings over 9 years of invaluable experience in the field of Osteopathy and 5 years in Epigenetics Coaching. Her journey has taken her across the globe, where she has had the privilege of working closely with professional athletes, aiding them in their pursuit of optimal health and performance. Ann's passion for Osteopathy extends beyond the limelight, as she is dedicated to sharing her extensive knowledge with her local community in Comox Valley, Courtney, and Cumberland. Through her work, Ann aims to raise awareness about the remarkable benefits of Osteopathy and Epigenetics demonstrating its potential to transform lives. For those seeking to experience the advantages firsthand, appointments can be conveniently booked online via this link: Book Now


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